Louise Tessing/Metalsmith
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 The Ribbon Riot Series
My creative fascination is to fold and form metal to pleat and drape like fabric and ribbons. The Ribbon Riot works are hand-formed sterling silver links, loops, and bead caps. Limited pieces in this series are currently available for sale.



The Landscape Series
This folded brass and copper series is hand-formed metal "canvases" enhanced with rivets, pearls or bezeled cabochons. This series is in development and not for sale.


The Curiosity Cuff Series
These works are one-of-a-kind experiments in texture and visual impact. This series is in development and not for sale.


The Gachi (Grace) Sterling Silver Series
This series of works are inspired by Japanese patterns. The name (gachi) symbolizes taste and refinement. This series is sold out.

Photo Credits: Guy Nicol 773-351-0834